Kot Kot Restaurant, KSA

One of the most loved restaurant brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

نحن مطعم بدايتة الشغف قبل اكثر من عشرون عام عندما فكر المؤسس/محمد عبدالله السحيباني بمشروع ينطلع من خلاله الى عالم التجارة حيث كان سابقا لجيله تفكيره فقام بافتتاح اول فرع له في ....... نسعى من خلاله الى تطبيق اعلى المقاييس العالمية للوصول الى ذاقة المستهلك بانسب الاسعار راعينا في كتكوت الجودة و الطعم و السعر و التنوع هدفنا للوصول الى ذاقة المستهلك بأنسب الاسعار و المنافسة نركز في كتكوت من خلال فروعنا على مستوى المملكة في الظهور بالشكل القيم و الطعم الذيذ نحن في كتكوت حريصين على أن ننافس أنفسنا من خلال استقطاب العديد من الخبرات في مجال الاغذية من اكثر المطاعم المحبوبة ........

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Fresh & Healthy Food

We never compromise on the freshness and hygienicity of our premises and the food we serve at Kot Kot.

Professional Team

Our team, from the senior chef to the table managers make sure that things are executed with perfection.

Quick Delivery

We have delivery service in and around the locations we have our restaurants in Saudi Arabia offering quick delivery.

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Top Menu

From burgers to pizzas, from salads to fried chicken, our delicious menu is always mouth-watering. Our menu ensures that a wide range of taste is covered so that there is a dish for everyone.

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Saudi Arabia's Most Loved Restaurant

Located at major crowd attending cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We focus on the value of delicious taste in our customer's mind and mouth. We are determined to make the best, to give back to our customers for the immense love they have always given us!

We are cent percent strict on the taste we serve. World's best quality ingredients, expertly selected and prepared with passion, served with happiness. All our menu is crafted to make our customer's mouth and heart filled with the joy of taste.

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فروع كتكوت

Kot Kot is growing like anything. Our visionary business team is expanding the brand to all regions of KSA. Presently located at different locations in Saudi Arabia, we are set to grow more.

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Craving for Kot Kot's foods?

Home delivery
from all our branches

We have our own dedicated delivery team to provide you anytime delivery of our deliciously cooked food at your doorstep in our opening hours. For more info, contact us today.

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